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If you have been in an accident, had surgery or are just in pain and don’t know why, a massage can greatly help you in relieving pain, easing tension, reducing stress and relaxing muscles. Our massage therapists are licensed and ready to offer you a variety of massages specific to your needs through the healing and recovery process.

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Non-clinical massages – there is no set massage routine. The aim of this massage is to help you drop concerns that are plaguing your mind. This technique concentrates on the energetic healing or sensual touch of the therapist.


Deep tissue massage – This massage

will focus on problem areas and deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue that are giving you problems. This is a great option for those with low back

tightness or sore shoulders.

Many types of massage, including:

Hot stone massage – This massage will use heated basalt stones. The hot stones will relax the muscles and promote good

blood flow to the areas, which will improve the overall effectiveness of the massage.


Rehabilitative massage – When inflammation occurs throughout the

body it can cause severe pain in some areas. This massage is used to help with pain management.

Massage helps with pain

If you have questions about massage, let us touch on a couple of them for you. First off, a massage will last about 60 minutes, though there are sessions for 30 and 90 minutes available. Also, there are many health benefits that you will see from getting a medical massage. This includes reducing tension, improving circulation, and helping the healing process from injuries.

Decide which massage is right for you

A massage technique for everyone

Neck massage